Driving Work

Driving is part of your work time.  But you are required to record extra information when starting and finishing driving work.  To make this simple and easy, the electronic logbook has a separate Driving mode. 


When you start driving work:

  1. Make sure that you Start Work for the day

  2. Check that you have set the correct vehicle – See Changing and Setting Vehicles for more information

  3. Click on Start Driving button 

    Start Driving Button

  4. If your vehicle has an Ehubo, and your device is online the vehicle distance reading will be automatically populated.  Otherwise you can enter in the Distance Reading of the vehicle, or override a pre-populated distance reading provided by Depot.

  5. Allow the device to retrieve a GPS location automatically or manually enter in the correct location

  6. Click Confirm to start Driving mode. 

  7. If your vehicle has an Ehubo, a start driving event will also send a driver_login event to Depot. - See Viewing Real-time Driver Logbook Information for more information on driver_login


You will notice that the status panel has changed colour to green to indicate you are in driving mode.  You can revert back to Work mode by clicking on Stop Driving. 

Driving Status bar


To minimise driver distraction during driving mode, Add Note and Work Period Summary functionalities are disabled.  These functions are enabled in Work and Rest modes.  

Start Driving Confirmation


When you finish driving by selecting to either Rest, Work of Finish Work, your vehicles distance will be automatically captured, or you will be prompted to enter the vehicle distance reading manually along with your GPS location.