Change and set vehicles

You may change vehicles several times during your work day or work period. 


You can change and set your vehicles, either:

  • Before you Start Work for the day: then slide your screen to the right to view Logbook Options and click Change Vehicle tab; OR 

    Change Vehicle option

  • During the work day: then click on Set Vehicle button on your status panel.

    Set Vehicle Tab


In the Change Vehicle window:

  1. Enter the Registration of the new vehicle that you wish to change to. 
    If the vehicle has been set up in the Depot, then the vehicle registration number can be more easily found after entering in first few letters/numbers of the registration.  See Administration > Vehicles and Assets > Add New Vehicles or Asset for more information.
  2. Enter the Distance Reading of the new vehicle
  3. Allow the device to retrieve a GPS location automatically or manually enter in the correct location
  4. Click Set Vehicle.

    Change Vehicle Confirmation