Electronic Logbook Overview

EROAD Electronic Logbook is designed to assist you and your drivers improve logbook compliance. It enables your drivers to capture and view logbook records on a mobile device, and you can access their records on the secure web-based platform Depot.  

In contrast to paper-based forms, the EROAD Electronic Logbook can capture work, rest and other logbook data more accurately in real time. The application can also automatically generate alerts for drivers about their rest breaks and impending violations.  It will help you as an operator proactively and effectively manage the safety and performance of your drivers.  

The Electronic Logbook is part of the EROAD Driver app, that can be set up for your organisation with a few simple steps.


Find detailed info on how to use the logbook on a mobile device and how to access logbook records on these help site pages:


Use EROAD Electronic Logbook Application - For Drivers 


Roadside Enforcement Activity - For Enforcement Officers


Access Driver Logbook Data and Records in Depot - For Transport Operators