View past cumulative Work period records

The system automatically generates an end of cumulative work period snapshot to be stored in the web-based server to comply with record-keeping obligations for the transport operator (for 36 months). 


Once a driver takes a continuous rest of more than 24 hours and begins a new cumulative work period, the previous cumulative work period will be closed and a snapshot is automatically generated. 


To view a driver’s past work period snapshot reports:

  1. Click on Reports tab

  2. Click on Driver Logbook Activity

    Driver Logbook Activity

  3. Type in the driver’s name or licence number and it the system should show the driver from a dropdown menu

  4. Select the period for which you wish to view the logbook reports: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

  5. You will find a link to the PDF past cumulative work period reports in the last column.  

    Driver Logbook Activity PDF