Use Quick Messages

Quick Messages can be used by both Depot users and drivers to save time. If you frequently use the same phrases, instead of having to retype them each time, you can set up each of these phrases as pre-defined Quick Messages. Then you simply select the Quick Message, add any additional detail and send the message.

Quick Messages can be set up for drivers and Depot users by Client Administrators and Unit Managers for fleets they have access to.

You can set up a maximum of 10 Quick Messages. Each Quick Message each can be up to 60 characters in length, and a mix of both letters and numbers.

1. In the EROAD Depot, go to the Administration area, select the Mobile Devices menu and click Manage Quick Messages.

2. To set up Quick Messages for Depot users, click on the Depot Quick Messages tab. To set up Quick Messages for Drivers, click on the Driver Quick Messages tab.

3. Click Add New, type your Quick message in the box and click Save.

4. Driver Quick Messages will be available on all authorised mobile devices in the organisation that have the EROAD Driver app installed.

5. To see your Quick Messages on your mobile device, open the EROAD Driver app.

6. To see Quick Messages in The Depot, go to the Message tab in the Activity screen. From the Activity screen, select a vehicle that’s on Premium Plan and click on it to send a New Message or Broadcast Message. All Depot Quick Messages will be displayed in the screen. Select the Quick Message you want to send.

7. To change the order of your Quick messages, click on a message and drag it up or down your list of messages.

8. To delete a Quick message, click the button that has an image of a pencil and click the Delete button.