Messaging Overview

EROAD’s Messaging feature is a quick and visual way for Depot users in the office and drivers to communicate 24/7. Short messages can be sent either by operators from within The Depot directly to drivers on mobile devices in vehicles, or by drivers in the field directly to the office in the Depot.

NOTE: Messaging is available on both, the EROAD Driver app and the Ehubo2. Messages delivered to the EROAD Driver app offer the driver a richer messaging experience including integration with maps on their mobile device.

Messages are delivered in near real time using an encrypted connection so you can be assured your company communications are both instant and secure.

The use of colour and text bubbles in messages allows you to see at-a-glance the status of your messages and the flow of conversation history.

Messaging will automatically update to display new messages.

We also have a 'pull to refresh' feature to manually check new incoming messages:


pull down to refresh  release to refresh  pull down to refresh 2