How does Messaging work?

Messaging uses the EROAD Depot web portal to send and receive messages between The Depot and a mobile device in a vehicle. In keeping with EROAD’s security policy, all communication is encrypted, and can only be used on pre-authorised mobile devices.

Messages can be initiated either in the Depot application, or by a driver using the EROAD Driver application on an Android smart phone or tablet.

From The Depot you can send a message to one vehicle, one fleet or all fleets. An audible beep on the mobile device will alert the driver that a new message has arrived.

You are instantly kept in touch with your in-field staff no matter where you are in The Depot. All new messages will show in a Notification panel on the right-hand side of any screen.

Messaging has two available New Message Tones that will sound when a new message arrives in the Depot. The tone will only sound when the Depot browser tab is open. New Message Tone can be configured on the Notification Panel; with the choice of tone 1, tone 2 or no tone.

Frequently used phrases can be set up as Quick Messages to save time for both your in-field and office staff.