Do I need to stay in the Messages tab to see new driver messages?

No, you can see new messages from your vehicle drivers from anywhere in the Depot. Each time a new message is received in the Depot from one of your drivers, a Message Notification panel will slide over any Depot screen to ensure you see it. Each new message is displayed with the date and time it was received.

Messaging has two available New Message Tones that will sound when a new message arrives in the Depot. The tone will only sound when the Depot browser tab is open. New Message Tone can be configured on the Notification Panel; with the choice of tone 1, tone 2 or no tone.

The Notification panel displays a list of unread messages. Once a Depot user clicks on a message, its status will change to Read and it will be removed from the list.

The driver will not receive a notification that the message has been read.

Message in Depot


You can also review all Messages, sent to and from a vehicle, of any status in the Depot Activity screen under the vehicle’s Messages tab.