ETA Plan route

ETA Plan RouteUS

The ETA Plan route panel takes two or more locations and plots the most efficient route between them, based on:

Third-party data concerning traffic flow, height and weight restrictions, detours, documented hazards, and many other considerations.

Your route options.

It’s a key resource for billing estimation and avoiding choke points.

Plan route is accessed through the Activity screen, in one of three ways:

  1. Select a vehicle from the Vehicles list. The Details panel appears.
    1. Select the ETA tab.
  2. Right-click a vehicle on the map. A dropdown menu appears.
    1. Select EITHER Get route to here or Get route from here.
  3. Enter an address in the map’s address field. A dropdown list of matches appears.
    1. Click an address. A small right-turn arrow appears.
    2. Click the right-turn icon.

Using Plan route

To make a new location entry:

  1. Click + Add stop. A new blank entry field is created.

  2. Enter locations in the location field.

  • The autocomplete feature may provide the correct location to click.
  • Using Your location. Provided you have allowed your computer/mobile device to use its geographical location, this can be entered into the empty location field.
  • Using Select on map. Clicking this button provides a locator on the map. Drag the map around to position the locator precisely. Click Confirm.
    Plan route pointer
  • Click one of the recent addresses listed.

To plan a route:

  1. In your list of locations, Click/Drag the A, B, C letters up or down to arrange your trip.

  2. Plan route will display one or more route suggestions. Selecting each suggestion will highlight the specific route on your map.

To refine Route options:

  1. Click Route options Option button. The Route options appear.
  2. Set if the vehicle you’re planning for is a Heavy or Light vehicle. (Light vehicles have fewer restrictions, but its main function is an adjustment in route speed settings.)

  3. Design your options. Each switch may require more settings.


You’re returned to the Plan route panel. Both the map routes and estimated times are revised accordingly.