What is an Additional Weight?

Vehicles that carry overweight can purchase an Additional RUC licence as required to cover specific journeys for the additional weight (not the total weight).

Additional Licences are purchased against the powered vehicle and used in combination with the appropriate D Licence for all the vehicles in the combination.


This means:

  • Powered vehicle: D + A Licence
  • Unpowered vehicle: D or B Licence


The powered vehicle must have a valid Distance Licence before an Additional Licence can be purchased.


The Additional Licence cannot be purchased in combination with an H Distance Licence.


Additional Licences are purchased in increments of 1km, with a minimum of 10 kms required.


Additional weight is purchased in units of 1000kg. For example, if your vehicle's permanent RUC weight is 44,000kg, and the maximum gross mass allowed by your Permit to exceed mass limits is 48,000kg, then you would purchase 4 tonnes additional weight.


The Additional Licence is in addition to the Distance Licence rather than replacing it for the period it is valid.