How Do I purchase RUC?

There are three types of "Distance" Licence that can be purchased, D, B and H type licences.


1.     From the RUC Summary Screen, select the vehicle you wish to purchase a Distance licence for by clicking on the line with the vehicle. The line will turn blue. This indicates the vehicle you have selected. You may select up to 10 vehicles at once by selecting the checkboxes next to the vehicles. These lines will turn yellow. This indicates the vehicles you have selected.

2.     Click on the "Purchase Distance Licence" button to proceed.

3.     Select the amount of kilometers you wish to purchase from the "Distance Required" dropdown.

4.     Select the payment type you wish to use and then click "Next". You will receive a quote from NZTA. Please check this carefully and once satisfied, click the "Purchase" button.

5.     The receipt screen will display once the transaction has succeeded. Click the "Finish" button which will display the RUC screen again.

6.     In the RUC screen the column "Type" will show the type of licence and weight e.g. "D - 20" means a distance licence at 20 tonnes.