Driver Insight Explained

The Driver Insight report provides feedback for your drivers by summarising driving performance and indicating areas to focus on. Specific examples and key messages are highlighted, empowering your drivers to adopt safe driving habits.

You can view Driver Insight reports for your own vehicles, and for vehicles shared with you by another organization using EROAD Share.

NOTE: The viewing organisation’s Driver Insight is based on performance during the shared period. If a vehicle hasn’t been shared for the entire reporting period, Driver Insights might vary for the sharing organisation and the viewing organisation.

NOTE: Virtual Speed Camera events of shared vehicles are based on Virtual Speed Cameras set up by the sharing organisation. Viewing organisations will need to ask sharing organisation to set up VSCs in their own Depot if required.

 2016 06 21 NZ Insight Share 1.2

How does it work?

The Driver Insight report outlines:

  • Leaderboard ranking and star rating
  • Key driving metrics in an organisational context (dials display the value for the vehicle/driver compared to the maximum value achieved by a vehicle/driver of your organisation)
  • Summary of insights
  • Heat map indicating risk areas
  • Overspeed profile

NOTE: Virtual Speed Camera infringements and Idling do not affect Leaderboard ranking.

Accessing Driver Insight

To view a Driver Insight report:

  1. Go to Reports / Leaderboard.
  2. Select start/end dates and vehicles/fleets.
  3. Click Submit.
    Selected vehicles will be ranked on the Leaderboard.
  4. Click on a Vehicle Name.
    The Driver Insight report will be displayed for the vehicle and the selected reporting period.

To view the Driver Insight report for an alternative time period, go back to the Leaderboard by clicking driver insight board back keyand select new start/end dates as required.

Downloading or Scheduling the Report 

spanner5 Use the Tools menu, located at the upper right of the Depot page to select an option to download, email or schedule to receive this report on a regular basis. Use the Export to PDF or CSV to download the report to your computer.  

To schedule a report:
  1. Enter a name for the report or use the default.
  2. Select how often you want to receive the report (one-time, daily, weekly).
  3. Select how long in the future you want to receive regular reports.
  4. Click PDF or CSV.
  5. Click Add to begin regular report delivery.

  The dials show the driving performance value for a vehicle/driver in comparison with the organisation’s maximum value across all vehicles/drivers for the selected reporting period.