Messaging Overview

The EROAD Messaging feature allows Depot users to exchange messages with their drivers in the field.

It’s an easy way to stay in touch with drivers to assign jobs, reorganise routes or suggest rest breaks to help keep them safe and compliant, regardless of the vehicle they are in. Drivers can receive their messages in or away from their vehicle on their mobile device.

From the Activity screen, Depot users can send messages:

  • from the Drivers tab to drivers on their mobile device when they are logged in to the EROAD Driver app
  • from the Vehicles tab to vehicles with an Ehubo2 installed; these will be delivered to the vehicle’s Ehubo2


Why can’t I see the Messages tab under the Drivers tab?

If you can see the Messages tab under the Vehicles tab but not under the Drivers tab in the Activity screen, your organisation’s messaging set up is currently vehicle based.  You can send messages to the EROAD Driver app on mobile devices that are currently associated with a vehicle.

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How can I activate driver messaging?

You can activate driver messaging for your organisation by carrying out the following steps:

  1. Make sure all mobile devices run at least version 2.4.1 of the EROAD Driver app. If you haven’t yet set up your drivers with the EROAD Driver app on mobile devices, find detailed information here.
  2. Contact EROAD Customer Support to enable driver messaging for your organisation.
  3. Once EROAD Customer Support has enabled driver messaging for your organisation, your will have to close and reopen the EROAD Driver app on each mobile device by performing the following:

    a. If the EROAD Driver app is currently open, close the EROAD Driver app by taping the Recent apps button and swipe the EROAD Driver app off the screen.
    b. Open EROAD Driver app.
    c. Once the driver logs in, driver messaging is available on app version 2.4.1 or up

NOTE: When switching to driver messaging, you will no longer have access to historical vehicle messages.