Off-Road Geofences

Your EROAD system will usually automatically detect off-road distance, but there are conditions that count an off-road area as a public road. In this case, you should create an off-road geofence to maximise your off-road claims.

If you draw an off-road geofence over a public road, you need to do one of these things:

  • Save anyway. The public road portion of your journeys will be automatically removed from off-road reclaims.
  • Edit the Geofence shape to avoid public roads.
  • If a public road area needs to be counted as off-road, add a detailed reason, including full address details, which will be reported in any off-road claim you make. (Be advised: all claims may be fully audited by NZTA.)
  • Deselect the Geofence type Off-Road Area