How do I create a Geofence?

For a quick introduction, please watch our short training video How to create geofences or follow the instructions below.

US01 How to create geofences thumb


To create a geofence:

  1. In Activity / Geofences, zoom or pan the map to the area you would like to geofence.
  2. Click on the Draw Geofence tool located on the top left of the map.
    The mouse cursor will show a blue circle.
  3. To draw the geofence, click once, release, and move the mouse to the next place. Repeat these steps. Complex geofences may required many points.
  4. Double-click to close the geofence. 
    Save New Geofence screen will show.
  5. Enter Name, select Type(s), and Notification Setup by ticking/unticking Entry and Exit and adding Recipients.
  6. Some geofence types require additional information, enter as required. 
  7. Click Save to finish