Depot Release: October 2013

The following features were released in our Depot upgrade on 29 October 2013:

User Activity Log

Improve security by monitoring who in your company has made changes in the Depot:

  • The User Activity Log adds an extra level of security by allowing Client Administrators to view activity performed by all users within the Depot
  • The log provides information about who created, changed or removed data within a specified timeframe.


IP Access Control

Add extra security to Depot access by limiting the IP addresses it can be accessed from:

  • Companies specify a list of IP addresses (computer locations) from where staff can log in to the Depot. 
  • If no IP addresses are specified, users can access the Depot from any location using a valid user name and password.


EZmessage adds new message tones

Keep on top of messages arriving from drivers by setting up tones for new messages:

  • EZmessage has a choice of two new message tones that will sound when a message arrives in the Depot. 
  • New message tones are configured on the notification panel. The user selects Tone 1, Tone 2 or no tone.
  • EZmessage is available to vehicles on EROAD’s Premium Plan, using the customer’s Android smartphone or tablet.


Upgrade to IE10

From 31 January 2014, EROAD will discontinue support for IE8 or IE9. If you are an IE user we strongly recommend that you upgrade now to IE10.
If upgrading to IE10 is not an option, we recommend moving to the latest version of an alternative browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.


New Ehubo screen

See all your EROAD units at a glance:

  •  The Depot’s new Ehubo screen now displays a list of all of your organisation’s EROAD units.