Depot Release: June 2013

The following features were released in our Depot upgrade on 18 June 2013:


Posted Speed

Monitor over speed activity in all speed zones – not just open road

  • The Over-Speed Report has been extended to include over-speed activity on all roads that have a posted maximum speed. Previously, over-speed activity was reported for open road speeds only.


Event Log Enhancements

Use detailed event descriptions to better understand vehicle activity

  • Events are now assigned an event description, e.g. turning, stopping, moving. Previously all events were classified under Location only.
  • Event logs can now be exported in CSV format.


Hide Trailers

Declutter the Activity screen by "hiding" trailers to see prime movers only

  • If you have an EROAD unit installed in a trailer, you can now choose to ‘hide trailers’ from the Depot Activity screen view – reducing the number of vehicles displayed in the list and map.


Off-Road Select All

Quickly process off-road claims by selecting all eligible licences at once

  • You are now able to create bulk RUCOR reports, with up to 10 licences per report, using the new Select All capability.
  • You can also use Select All to restore archived off-road reports.


Scheduled Services Increase

Utilise the Service Module by scheduling a comprehensive range of services

  • The number of services you are able to schedule for a single vehicle has increased from 10 to 15.