Depot Release: February 2013

New Role: “Reporting” user

The "Reporting" role enables you to create a user in the Depot with access to all reports for assigned fleets.

"Reporting" users can access:

  • Fleet Summary Report
  • Over Speed Report
  • Idle Report
  • Service Report
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Geofence Activity Report
  • Fuel Reports (if fuel is enabled)
  • Off-road Reports
  • All RUC Purchasing Reports
  • My Profile to change own contact details and password
  • Fleets – Read-only view of assigned fleets

The "Reporting" role is useful for:

  • Depot Managers and sub fleet managers to directly access and drilldown on reports and print on demand.
  • Business analysts and consultants to analyse data with limited access to the rest of the Depot.
  • Any user who only requires the reporting functions of the Depot.

The "Service" role can be granted in addition to the "Reporting" role enabling your "Reporting" user access to the Service Module.
Client Administrators can create a "Reporting"user in the "Users"area of the Depot Admin section.