Depot Release 6.1: January 2016

Product Update

We are pleased to be able to share details with you of the 6.1 upgrade to EROAD's Depot web service. The upgrade took place at 10pm NZDT on Wednesday 3 February 2016.


New Geofence Activity Dashboard

We have a new Geofence Activity Dashboard, which enhances your ability to monitor time on site, and improve productivity. Switch to the dashboard and you’ll be able to see each vehicle’s average time on site, and identify potential problem areas. It also offers enhanced filtering, with the ability to group geofences by customer or supplier accounts, or your company’s branches or regions.



Electronic Logbook – change the way you view your work week in Timesheet Reports

We know not all organisations work to Monday-Monday payroll periods, so our timesheet reports now allow you to select your own work week start. You can still select daily, weekly or monthly views; but have flexibility around work week starts.


DVIR adds fleet filter

Get DVIR reports for only those vehicles you have access to, and focus on the information you need. Vehicle Inspection Reports are now filtered so you see inspection outcomes only for those vehicles you have access to.


Electronic Logbook –Depot notifications

You can now choose to receive email notifications when a driver creates a Logbook Violation. A notification email is sent in real time to Depot, with information about the driver and the violation, making it simpler for your company to comply with health and safety requirements.