Depot Release: January 2014

Virtual Speed Camera

Improve safety by monitoring driver speed

 This month we have added some new features to our Virtual Speed Camera:

  • Over speed reports now include Virtual Speed Camera events
  • The minimum speed limit has now been lowered from 20kms to 15kms. This reflects a more suitable speed limit of depot areas in New Zealand


Multi-fleet select

Help dispatchers make better scheduling and routing decisions

We've made a change to the Activity screen around viewing fleets in Depot:

  • You can now select and view as many or as few fleets as you would like in Depot's Activity screen
  • Previously you only had the option of viewing all fleets, or just one at a time
  • Allows dispatch managers to view and focus on their fleets
  • Provides a clear view on where fleets are located, and assists in better scheduling and routing decisions
  • Depot will remember the user's default fleets for future logins.