Depot Release: March 2014

New daily journey line

This great new feature will help improve routing and scheduling decisions. Now with just one click you can see the day’s travel for a selected vehicle, without leaving the main page.

  • To view a selected vehicle’s daily journey line, click on the journey line icon within the selected vehicle bubble on the daily activity screen.
  • View and click on significant events such as ignition on and off, geofence entry and exit and the vehicle’s latest location, in the activity panel below the journey line.


EZmessage available on Android V4.3

Our EROAD Driver app is now available on an Android smartphone or tablet runningV4.3

EROAD’s EZmessage service enables secure communications between your organisation and your fleet, 24/7.

It makes it possible to send messages between the EROAD Depot and Android smartphones or tablets in vehicles - to one vehicle, one fleet or all fleets.


Additional auxiliary inputs

We've added additional auxiliary input labels for our customers that have inputs connected to their vehicles:


Transfer pump

RSP (on/off)


Over temperature

ABS (on/off)

Truck trip

Low oil pressure


Trailer trip

Hydraulic interlock

EGR Activation