Depot Release: January 2015

We are pleased to be able to share details with you of the January upgrade to EROAD's Depot web service. The upgrade will take place at 10pm NZDT (Tuesday 20 January 2015).

While fuel prices keep dropping dramatically, fuel is still one of your largest operating expenses. We keep improving our powerful fuel module in the Depot and with this release we introduce some great new features to help you manage your fuel transactions more easily and create significant savings for your business.

Delete fuel transactions

Whether you need to remove incorrect fuel transactions or tidy up duplicate entries, you can now delete fuel transactions in Depot.

This allows you to better manage your fuel data and helps you ensure that fuel reports are based on accurate and meaningful data.

Fuel Trannsaction management NZ

Please refer to our help site on how to delete fuel transactions.

Bulk upload fuel transactions by vehicle display name

When uploading fuel transactions using the bulk upload feature, fuel transactions will now be matched to vehicles in Depot by either Display Name, Rego or Asset Code.

Only one of these vehicle identifiers per transaction is required in your CSV upload file but more than one can be provided. Conflicting information will result in a descriptive error message. Successful uploads will be recorded in the User Activity Log.

samplefileNA 1.140118


Please refer to our help site on how to manage fuel transactions.


Manage large fleets with 500+ vehicles

To help organisations with large fleets and rapidly growing businesses manage their operations more efficiently, fleets with more than 500 vehicles can now be created and managed in Depot.


RUC Statement Report to fully populate all column data in CSV

When exporting RUC Statement Reports as CSV files, Date and Transaction ID columns will now be fully populated. This simplifies the tedious task of manual formatting and copying down repeating data to fill blank cells before further processing the report.


The Date field format has been changed to dd/mm/yyyy.