Depot Release: August 2015

We are pleased to be able to share details with you of the August upgrade to EROAD's Depot web service.

Browser support

We would like to remind Internet Explorer users that we have discontinued support of Internet Explorer IE9 as of 1 August 2015. We recommend you consider upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer. For the best Depot experience, we recommend the use of version IE11, or at least IE10. If you wish to change to an alternative browser, you can find helpful information on or similar resources.

Electronic Logbook users

We recommend you always update to the latest version of the EROAD Driver App on your mobile devices to ensure your drivers can take advantage of new Electronic Logbook features and improvements. It’s easy – simply open Google Play Store and find EROAD Driver. If the Update option is available, the version currently installed on your device is not the latest. Tap Update to install the latest version and follow the instructions.

Over Speed Dashboard – Turning insight into action

EROAD is committed to help you keep your drivers safe and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

To that effect we have designed the next generation of reporting tools in Depot which dramatically increase transparency around driver behaviour and translate data into specific, actionable feedback for each driver to take on board.

The new Over Speed Dashboard ranks your drivers, vehicles or fleets based on their speeding behaviour. You can easily drill down and view speeding details and top speeding locations for each driver. Viewing the trend over time allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your measures.

 5.7 AUS NZ overspeed dashboard

Improve safety and performance across your fleet with better, safer drivers – your number one asset.


Depot – It looks different!

You will notice a brand-new navigation bar in Depot – it’s not only looking great but it is part of the Depot transformation into a smarter and more touch-friendly application.

 5.7 NZ red menue bar

Over the next few months we will continually improve the Depot to make sure you can easily take advantage of both, well-established and brand-new features – regardless if you manage your fleet from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Watch this space and let us know your thoughts, we are keen to receive your feedback!

EROAD Maps Update

You may notice the road network on your maps in Depot has been updated, with the addition of new roads and road names. This is part of our quarterly maps update and we will continue to improve the accuracy of your maps in Depot.