Depot Release 6.9: September 2016

Product Update

We are pleased to be able to share details with you of the 6.9 upgrade to EROAD's Depot web service.


Introducing Groups – Better fleet management

Our powerful new Groups give Unit Managers an additional way to monitor and report on organisational units. Your existing Fleets have become Groups. Groups can be set up to include vehicles, drivers or both.

Once drivers are added to Groups by Client Administrators, anyone with suitable access permissions can see them. It means that Unit Managers have increased visibility of the people behind the wheel, leading to improved driver performance and better health and safety outcomes.

Make sure to add drivers to their Groups immediately, especially if you’re working with owner-operators who need access to their drivers in Depot.

Find detailed information on our help site.

 NZ Admin Groups


Update EROAD Driver App

We recommend you always update to the latest version of the EROAD Driver App on your mobile devices to ensure your drivers can take advantage of new Electronic Logbook, DVIR and EZmessage features and improvements.

google play badge 5

Updating is easy – simply open Google Play and find EROAD Driver. If the Update option is available, the version currently installed on your device is not the latest. Tap Update to install the latest version and follow the instructions.

QUICK TIP: To simplify app updates and take advantage of all features and improvements, we recommend you enable auto-update on your drivers’ mobile devices.

Find details on the help site.