Depot Release 6.2: February 2016

Product Update

We are pleased to be able to share details with you of the 6.2 upgrade to EROAD's Depot web service.


RUCOR – Submit off-road claims with NZTA electronically

Claiming off-road travel is now even easier, helping you increase your off-road refunds without the hassle of printing and mailing RUCOR forms. Just click Submit RUCOR to NZTA in Depot and the automatically generated RUCOR form will go straight to NZTA. 

Visit our help site to find out just how easy it is.


RUCHO – Register EROAD units with NZTA electronically

Registering your newly installed in-vehicle hardware units with NZTA now just takes a couple of clicks in Depot. The automatically generated RUCHO form will be submitted to NZTA electronically – quick and easy.

Visit our help site for detailed information.


Geofence Activity Dashboard improvements

You can now export and schedule our recently introduced Geofence Activity Dashboard in PDF and CSV format.

2016 01 27 NZ Geofence Activity Dashboard Main Export 1.0

Visit our help site to find out how the Geofence Activity Dashboard will help you improve productivity and job reporting.


Map improvements

We have simplified your access to up-to-date Traffic flow and other helpful map information in Depot. Make sure to check out your options by clicking Expand Button on the top right-hand corner of a map.

NZ TruckMapLayer Map Options

You may also notice that the road network on your maps has been updated, with the addition of new roads and road names. This is part of our quarterly maps update and we will continue to improve the accuracy of your maps in Depot.

Visit our help site for detailed information.


Activity screen – New Details tab

You will notice that we have moved vehicle details into the new Details tab at the bottom of the Activity screen. This allows for additional information on vehicles, in-vehicle hardware and drivers to be added to the Details tab in the future.