Depot Release 6.12: December 2016

Product Update

We are pleased to be able to share details with you of the 6.12 upgrade to EROAD's Depot web service.


Driver Management: Bulk Import and Export

What is it?

Driver Management: Bulk Import and Export makes it quicker and easier to manage your drivers’ information.

Key benefits:
  • A fast and simple way to import and export driver details to Depot in bulk.
  • Easy to edit information for individuals or your whole team in one go.
  • Uses standard spreadsheet formats – Excel and CSV – for easy compatibility with external systems.
How can I use it?
  • You need to change a single piece of information for all of your drivers. Export all your drivers’ information, edit one field in Excel, and import the file back into Depot within minutes.
  • You have 12 new employees starting the same day. Using bulk import, download a template to edit, add your drivers’ details including contact and licence details, import the file to Depot.

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