Inspect Templates

The Inspect templates are located in the Administration section of Depot and are available for editing by staff with Client Administrator and Unit Manager roles. A selection of EROAD default templates are available. They cannot be deleted but are available to edit and customize for your use. By default, when your organisation is activated for EROAD Inspect, all participating vehicles and assets are automatically assigned an applicable EROAD template. If the template doesn't meet all of your needs, you can modify it, create a copy and edit, or start from a blank template.

After the EROAD Inspect feature is activated for your organisation, each vehicle, asset, and trailer is automatically assigned an EROAD default template based on the information in Depot.

To access templates

In Depot, go to Administration, and select Inspect Templates from the left menu.                  




Overview of template list

Upon opening, a list of default templates are displayed. To view the detail of a specific template, 
hover your mouse over a template name, and click to view the inspection details listed in the right column.






To view or change template assigned to a vehicle / asset

  1. From the Administration menu, select Vehicles / Assets
  2. Select a vehicle from the list to open its Manage Vehicle page.
    The Inspection section displays the current template name associated with the vehicle.
  3. Click the Manage Inspection link to change the assigned template.
  4. Select a different template from the dropdown list.
  5. Click Update Template to save.

To duplicate an EROAD default template

You may want to duplicate an EROAD template to modify the template based on your business needs. To begin, go to the Administration / Inspect Template.

  1. Click moreicon3 (Options), located right of the template name and select Duplicate.
  2. Enter a name and description for the duplicate template.
  3. Edit the categories and list items, as required.
  4. Click Save to complete.

To create a blank template

You can create your own template based on your organisation needs.

1. In Depot, create a blank template.

  1. In Depot, go to Administration / Inspect Template, and click  add template.
  2. In the Add a New Template panel, enter a new name and description.
  3. Create the default settings for this template.
  4. In Item Defaults, 'include in' section, decide if the template is for a Pre or Post trip. The Pre-trip option is selected by default. Click Post-trip to change.
  5. In Available Results, Pass and Fail are selected as the defaults Click the N/A to add not applicable as an option.

2. Add Categories

- Click Add Category, click in the Category Namefield and select the an option from the list.

3. Add Items.

  1. Click Add Item, click in Item Name field, and enter an item. Add a Drive Hint
  2. Optional. Click in the Driver Hint field, as required, to guide the to driver specific issues in regards to the item.
  3. In the Item section, select the 'Include in' options. This is when you want this item to be inspected
  4. Select the ‘Available Results’ options for each specific item. Pass and Fail will automatically be selected
  5. Repeat for each item in the category you are adding.

4. Add more categories and respective items, as required. When complete, click Save.



Categories are used to break the inspection down into different areas of the vehicle. It provides structure to a large list of items.

To edit a category

You cannot edit an EROAD default template.

  1. In Depot, go to Administration / Inspect Template.
  2. Click the template name to edit.
  3. In the Category to edit, click edit  and make changes.
  4. Click Save to save to your new changes.

To change the order of categories

The order categories appear in Depot is how the driver receives it in the app. Set the template up in a logical manner that guides the driver around the vehicle. Or separate Categories by internal or external checks, as your needs require.

  1. In Depot, go to Administration / Inspect Template.
  2. Click a template name to edit.
  3. Click and hold the movemove icon against the category to rearrange.
  4. Drag the category up or down to the new desired position.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.

To delete a category

  1. In Depot, go to Administration / Inspect Template.
  2. Click a template name to edit.
  3. Click delete
  4. Click Save to save the change.



Items are areas of a vehicle or asset that need to be inspected. EROAD includes a pre-defined list that you can select from and group into a category.

Driver Hint

Each item can have a Driver Hint attached to guide the driver on what to be watching for on a specific item. 

Item Settings

Each item will receive the default settings of your template. You can override the default settings at the item level. For example, if you want an item to only appear at the Post trip inspection, you can set it up at the item level.

All items default to Pre-trip with the pass and fail settings included. 

To change the order of items

The order of how the items appear in Depot is how the driver will receive it in the app. Make sure to set it out in a way that guides the driver around the vehicle. Or separate them by internal or external checks. It really is up to you how you want to design your inspections.

  1. In Depot, go to Administration / Inspect Template.
  2. Search or click a template name to edit.
  3. Expand the Category for the items that will be rearranged.
  4. Click and hold the move2move icon against the item to move.
  5. Drag the item up or down to the new desired position.
  6. Click to Save to save the changes.


To set a template as the default for a specific vehicle or asset

Inspect assigns an EROAD default template to all of your vehicles and assets when you subscribe. Please ensure you have enough subscriptions to cover all vehicles you are assigning templates. To assign another template as the default, follow these steps:  

  1. In Depot, go to Administration / Inspect template.
  2. Click moreicon4 Options, and select Assign assign to all vehicles in Depot that belong to that type.
  3. Select the default vehicle type this template will be assigned.
  4. You will now see that selection is listed in the ‘Default For’ column next to the template name


To delete a template

You can not delete EROAD default templates or any template that has been set as the default for a particular vehicle, asset or trailer type. If you delete a customized template, it will remove the association with the vehicle. This means that you will need to associate these vehicles, assets or trailers with another template for EROAD Inspect to be used for them.

  1. In Depot, go to Administration / Inspect template. 
  2. Click moreicon4Options and select Delete delete.
  3. Confirm that you want delete the template by clicking Delete.