20.04 April 2020

MyEROAD Assets & Suppliers: Make your day

Service and maintenance are the largest cost focuses for the transportation business. As part of EROAD's evolution, we're re-imagining Service as an expandable, efficient and pliable 'ecosystem' between your core business and your various service and maintenance suppliers.


Assets draws almost 40 distinct data points in each of your fleet's vehicles into a configurable table. This means you can monitor and schedule your fleet's service requirements depending on the criteria you consider essential.

You can design four table collections per user. That gives you instant lists of the information you need to make preventative maintenance decisions.

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Your suppliers have unique features: what they deal in, where they are, catalogues and contacts. The Suppliers feature let's you fortify your wider support network so that each fleet is assigned the right suppliers – and that assignment can go down to individual vehicles.

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MyEROAD Fleet Map Beta: Coming together

 Maps Beta sm2

EROAD has been busy building fleet functionality for a new age, and we're starting by rolling out a new view of maps.

Customers will be able to switch back and forth between our reliable map view with the new Beta map view.

What's new with the Maps Beta?

  • Clusters: Big blue dots indicate vehicles in close proximity. As you zoom in, the dots re-number, or break off into separate red dots of individual vehicles.
  • Responsive design: Maps on mobile will resize properly and maintain the same look n' feel of MyEROAD (a.k.a. Depot)
  • Faster page loads for big fleets: Not only does our new Map offer 10 times more vehicles on display, but it can also show 100 times more vehicles using clusters while shortening page load wait times to about 5 seconds or less.

Posted Speed is Going Private

Private roads with speed limits of 40km/hr or less will now have their speed limits displayed on Drive Buddy / Posted Speed. This includes Army Bases, Shopping Malls, Airports.

This helps drivers be informed of the maximum speed limit in low speed areas in Drive Buddy- to help them keep themselves and the public safe.

Speeding in a shared pedestrian/vehicle space can have a high community risk. This adjustment aligns with recent Leaderboard changes, to give drivers fairer values if speeding in low speed areas.