Update: Replay Request Video timeline

Video requests just got easier to manage. MyEROAD’s new timeline feature shows you exactly when a vehicle was operating, so you can target your requests for videos from these specific times.

When you request a video in Replay, you’ll now see a timeline:

2021 12 01 16 02 02 Replay

The colored sections of the timeline show you when the vehicle and dashcam were operating.

To request a video from a specific time:

  1. In Replay, click Request video in the upper-right corner
    replay request video
  2. Enter the vehicle, date, and time related to your requested footage
  3. NOTE: If video was captured within 6 hours of your selected time, it will appear in the timeline.
    replay video availability
  4. Use the timeline to specify the time of your requested 20-second or 1-minute video clip
  5. Click Request video

MyEROAD will send you an email when the requested footage is in Replay.