Improve Star Ratings

As speed is a leading risk factor, eliminating Over Speed Events should be your highest priority and will improve driver star ratings.

EROAD’s range of Driver Reports is designed to provide you with meaningful, actionable insights on driver performance. We recommend you share Leaderboard, individual Driver Insight and other reports with your drivers as part of an ongoing driver training and rewards program, enabling drivers to identify and focus on their individual areas of improvement.

Encourage great driving and turn it into a habit.


Top tips on how drivers can improve their Leaderboard rankings and star ratings


  • Speeding significantly in excess of the road speed limit
  • Speeding at high speeds
  • All speeding
  • Harsh braking unless in emergencies
  • Sharp accelerating


  • Sticking to posted speed limits, consistently
  • Defensive driving and anticipation of hazards so that harsh braking can be avoided
  • Driving to the conditions


  • Leaderboard – ranks drivers based on Over Speed, Harsh Braking and Sharp Acceleration Events
  • Driver Insight – individual driver feedback on one page
  • Over Speed Dashboard – monitors number and details of Over Speed Events
  • Driver Safety Report – monitors number and details of Harsh Braking and Sharp Acceleration Events