Depot Release 6.8: August 2016

This release has some great new features:


Manage Ehubo2 features in Depot

You can now customise your fleet’s Ehubo2 units and control the range of features available to your drivers. Turning features on or off is easy, and requires just a few clicks in Depot.

Keep it simple by removing features you don’t need from selected Ehubo2s, and manage the introduction of new features with a phased, company-wide roll out that suits your business’s requirements and schedule. Find detailed information on our help site.

Find detailed information on our help site.

AUS Ehubo feature control 1.0


Daily Activity Report – improved journey lines

We’ve given more detail to the journey line in the Daily Activity Report. When zoomed in, the directional markers give a more accurate view of vehicle movement, particularly around corners, sharp turns and roundabouts.

APAC Eventmarkers


Maps – Quarterly maps update

You may notice the road network on your maps in Depot has been updated, with the addition of new roads and road names. This is part of our regular maps update.