9.8, August 2019

Increased privacy and security update for Depot 

A username is (now) forever.

EROAD is increasing the privacy and security for Depot logins. From 11 August, the ability to change usernames or usernames of members within your organisation in Depot has been removed.

This brings Depot into line with EROAD’s other web applications, and increases the level of privacy and security of Depot.

This does not change the ability to specify custom and unique usernames when creating new users.

Exception to the Fuel

Consumption is back - A percentage of it, at least.

 Fuel Exceptions Fixed

During our ongoing code base maintenance schedule, someone 'vaccinated' the Fuel Exception Report - removing Consumption percentage from Depot!

Our apologies! The Fuel Exception report serves as a cornerstone for fleet managers requiring accurate measurements of their chief consumable. We've returned the Consumption percentage back into the Exception Report.

Additionally, we've repaired the 'View Transactions" link in the Fuel Usage report, allowing you to drill into transactions that make up a fuel usage record.

Following 'Ghosts' in U Book It

U Book now allows fleet managers to flag 'serial no-shows'.

People who repeatedly book vehicles over U Book It, but then don't pick them up, can be a real headache for fleet managers.

Now, U Book It allows fleet managers to flag 'serial reservers' who tie up fleet resources with unused bookings. U Book It's new Cancellation Report lists cancelled bookings (auto or booker).

Also, when setting up a new Booker, the cost centre and mobile fields can be optional fields.