9.5, June 2019

EROAD U Book-It gets an upgrade

U Book-It helps you make significant savings on fleet costs by using booking and utilisation data to right-size your fleet.

  • U Book-It's database is being upgraded. The trial customers appreciate its faster, responsive performance!
  • Managers/Admins may now override the auto-cancellation feature if vehicles Return To Base early. This means vehicles that RTB occasionally on long bookings can stay booked, until the scheduled Drop-off Date and Time.
There are also minor improvements to:
  • Outlook appointments are now correctly scheduled in the customer's timezone.
  • Historical booking details are retained when users are deleted. Admin > Booking Report.
  • Repeat bookings can now be scheduled ‘Monthly’.
  • Groups are now ordered alphabetically.

EROAD U Book-It is a subscription service charged per vehicle per month.

Driver ID is changing location on the Ehubo2

Driver ID is an essential tool for helping you reduce risk and improve compliance with health and safety and insurance requirements. By improving driver behaviour and vehicle utilisation you can reduce costs through improved fuel economy and increased productivity.

  • We've listened to your feedback and have streamlined the Ehubo2 user experience. Now, you can login at the top-left of the screen. 
  • The Driver button has been removed.

Notification to Drivers

The first time any driver ignitions on after the new software release, this is the screen they will see to let them know that the Driver login/logout has moved location on the Ehubo2.

Updates in Brief

Driver Leaderboard has filter to select KM

Screen Shot 2019 05 27 at 3.02.59 PM

Driver Leaderboard will now include a drop-down where you can choose the minimum km travelled by a driver to include them on the report.

You can find it in Reports > Leaderboard > Driver.

The default stays at 200km, since this is our recommended minimum distance at which a driver can be fairly assessed over the last 28 days.