20.02 February 2020

Leaderboard Refinements

We've listened to a large number of customers using Leaderboard to help train and maintain high safety standards in their fleets, and from February we've rolled out a few tweaks to the system.

  • There will be fairer penalties for speeding in a shared pedestrian vehicle space. For example, speeding in a 15mph area.
  • There will be a fairer ranking of metro driving verses out of town driving.
  • There will be fairer rankings for drivers who have a smaller number of speeding events over 28 day periods. For example, there will be higher weightings for the number of events.

Fleet managers might notice some changes to the rankings in Leaderboard, but these adjustments should help reveal coaching opportunities for new drivers, community awareness and bring attention to rural vs. metro driving conditions.

Private Mode: Driving without Location Tracking

Private Mode is designed to satisfy a carrier's obligations under Workplace Surveillance regulations. These regulations prohibit an employer using work surveillance devices – such as an Ehubo2 – while an employee is on a private journey in a company vehicle.

While in Private Mode:

  • No location events for a vehicle are recorded, monitored, derived or transmitted while en route
  • No location events for a vehicle are recorded, monitored or derived on Depot: No location events for Daily Activity or Event Log, for example.
  • No driver reporting: No violations, Leaderboard reporting, overspeed alerts, etc.

To find out more, go here.