Role: Fleet Manager and above

Dashcams gives Fleet Managers a single view of all Dashcams in their organisation, associated vehicle information and current lifecycle state.

Note: 3rd Party Partner devices are not managed within the Dashcams screen.


EROAD allocates Clarity Dashcams to you as permitted by your service plan.

Once installed, Clarity Dashcam assignment is handled by a Fleet Manager.


  1. Search Serial: Shortlist your dashcams by serial numbers (in part or whole).
  2. All statuses: Shortlist your dashcams by:
    • All: List all Dashcams.
    • Pending Assignment: Dashcams installed in a vehicle, but not assigned a service add-on (Front or Dual).
    • Pending Install: Dashcams you have, but are awaiting installation.
    • Installed: Dashcams that are installed and operating normally/recording video.
  3. Select Vehicles: Shortlist qualifying vehicles by Driver ID, Vehicle ID, registration/number plate.

The table

  • Serial | Type: The Dashcam's serial number and the type of device.
  • Status | Date: The Dashcam's installation status (see above), and the last amended date.
  • Plate (Rego) | Vehicle name: The number plate of the vehicle. This is only visible when a camera has been assigned to a vehicle.
  • Last online: The last reported time the dashcam reported in to MyEROAD with recorded video.
  • Plan: Shows whether the Dashcam is using a Front-only, Dual, and/or Audio option plan.
    • ... menu: Allows you to Re-assign or Uninstall dashcams from vehicles, or Manage plan allows you to select between Front camera only, or Dual camera operation.

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Note: Enabling audio for Dashcams is a company-wide level setting. You can enable/disable this feature under Administration > My Organization > Camera Settings.