Clarity Dashcam driver operation

Roles: Super Basic User and above

Clarity Dashcam is a device that's been designed to require little-to-no operation or maintenance. Other than very occasional manual triggering, operation is largely automatic.

Clarity Dashcam comes in two configurations:

Clarity Connected Dashcam

Clarity Connected has the dashcam connected to your Ehubo. The Ehubo is used by the dashcam for telematics tracking data.

Clarity Solo Dashcam

dashcam fob

Clarity Solo is not connected to the Ehubo, or you have no Ehubo in your vehicle. The dashcam uses its own internal hardware for telematics tracking data.

If Driver Logon has been enabled for Clarity Solo, you will require a Clarity Dashcam Near Field Communication (NFC) tag or fob to logon to the dashcam (example pictured).

Use only the EROAD NFC logon device near Solo. Other NFC items such as credit cards may interfere with the Solo logon function.

Operating Clarity

  1. Start the vehicle. Both Clarity LEDs should light within a minute. If not, Clarity is not recording. Call your company to report and resolve.

Clarity Solo user login (Driver Log on enabled)

Clarity Solo uses an NFC tag or fob to control access and authentication. After ignition-on:

  1. Wait for the dashcam LEDs to light.
  2. Tap/Swipe your fob to the dashcam. You will hear a chime and the phrase 'Driver logged on'. (There may be a delay if logging on for the very first time.)
  3. If you had previously logged on to this dashcam, you are still logged on until you log off or another driver logs on.
  4. To log on, after the LEDs light, touch your logon device to Solo below the ‘EROAD’ logo until Solo chimes.
  5. To log off, touch your device to Solo again until you hear the chime.

Solo alerts you if you move the vehicle with no driver logged on.

Saving events

Press the button with the red Record LED to send a 20-second video clip of an important event to your transport company. Clarity chimes and the LED blinks to confirm activation.

Harsh braking, sharp acceleration, and sharp cornering events trigger the dashcam to send a video clip automatically.

Logging off (Clarity Solo, Driver Log on enabled)

Tap/Swipe your fob to the dashcam. You will hear a chime and the phrase 'Driver logged off'.

Logging off needs vehicle power. Attempting to log off after ignition-off won't work.

Covering the lens in sensitive areas

Remember to cover the front lens with the red lens cap when passing through a sensitive area defined by your company or local regulations. Remove the cap when you exit the area.


  1. Clean the Clarity lens when dirty with a soft cloth. Never use sprays or fluids.

  2. Do not adjust or remove your Clarity dashcam or its wiring. Alert your company if Clarity needs adjustment, repair, or replacement.


Dashcam placement must comply with regulations. If Clarity falls off the windshield, follow your company’s policies related to re-mounting.

Temperature warning

 The LEDs will turn off and Clarity will temporarily shut down and broadcast an audible alert if the cab temperature ever exceeds 140°F/60°C. Clarity should start again after a few minutes, turning the LEDs back on.

Recording options

Clarity records sound inside the cab if it has been set to Record mode by your transport company. If enabled, recording only occurs when ignition is on.

Clarity can be configured to record video from both cameras or road-facing only. Ask your company if you have any questions about your configuration.

Your company is required by law to notify you if you are being recorded. Ask your company about its policies and related regulations.

Clarity Solo also continuously records location, distance traveled, and driver behavior. Please contact your company to discuss.


Clarity does not show a live feed of you driving, but an approved reviewer at your company can request a video clip of any time segment.

If you believe a significant event was not automatically sent by the dashcam, report the time immediately to your company. They can save video of the event before the recording is overwritten.