U Book-It Overview

U Book-It on https://ubookit.eroad.com is EROAD’s web-based vehicle pool booking system that integrates with MyEROAD to help you improve utilisation and management of your vehicle pool and reduce administrative overhead.

U Book-It provides an easy to use booking calendar that enables staff to book pool vehicles. Find a Seat is an optional upgrade which allows bookers to book a seat in a existing vehicle booking to further promote car pooling. Bookers can see real time location of pool vehicles, via a secure interface to MyEROAD, and improve vehicle utilisation by enabling auto-cancellation of a booking in the event of a no-show.

Utilisation reporting helps you boost pool vehicle availability, make material cost savings, and analyse actual usage to help you right-size your fleet. The Booking report allows you to access a record of all bookings and support easy charge-back to cost centres.

Email Notifications

Email reminders ensure that staff remember to use the cars they have booked.

A booker will also receive an email notification 15 minutes before a booking is due if a vehicle they have booked runs late and is not back at home base by then. The booker can click through from the email and book another vehicle. You can also determine whether you want to delete the booking through the email notification Delete option.


Getting Started

An administrator has to set up U Book-It for your organisation before you and your team can use U Book-It to efficiently manage bookings for your organisation’s pool vehicles. The administrator logs into https://ubookit.eroad.com as an Admin user and performs the following steps on the Admin tab:

  • Add and manage U Book-It users (Bookers). See the Bookers help page.
  • Set up pool vehicles and manage vehicle details and availability for U Book-It. See the Vehicles help page.
  • Set up and manage Vehicle Groups. See the Groups help page.
  • Enter settings for your fleet: Home Bases, vehicle accessories, max booking periods, automatic cancellation and Cost Centre settings. See the Settings help page.